Speaker: Sheila Taylor

Thinking Theologically About Mental Illness

Mental illness poses many provocative questions for theology. In this paper, I would like to consider some of the issues surrounding mental illness that come up specifically in the context of LDS teachings. I will look at questions regarding its effects on agency and accountability; questions about how it relates to the nature of the …

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SL10376: Faith and Narrative

Recent decades have witnessed a rising interest in what has been dubbed “narrative theology.” The Christian message, many theologians have pointed out, is not an argument but a story, and stories instead of propositional truth claims rest at the heart of the tradition. An engagement with these narratives has the potential to transform not only …

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SL09133 Panel: Possibilities in Mormon Feminism

Abstract This panel will explore several issues in Mormon feminism, making use of scripture, feminist philosophy/critical theory, and theology. Questions we will examine include an analysis of the Mormon readings of Eve’s role in the Eden story, subjectivity and embodiment in Mormonism, and connections between relational understandings of God in mainstream feminist theology and LDS …

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