Speaker: Sue Spencer Cannon


The Occupy movements began at Wall Street and have spread throughout the world. This panel will discuss the theory behind Occupy movements and the strong parallels between Mormon scripture and Occupy movements in terms of critiques/ solutions. We argue that as Samuel occupied the center of political and economic power in Zarahemla to decry the …

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NPR’s syndicated show, “This I Believe” features short essays by people from all walks of life who share the core values that ground them. in this session, Sunstone friends use this basic format to speak about ideas within Mormonism or the wider spiritual world that animate their faith journey and help them feel at home …

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SW0915: Marriage, Mormons, and Civil Liberties

Nineteenth Century Mormons were denied their civil and religious rights in part because of their marriage practices. The will of the majority led to Mormons being driven from their homes and massacred and their leaders assassinated. Modern-day Mormons are cognizant that our ancestors were wronged, but may be less aware of the striking parallels with …

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