Speaker: Susan D. Skoor

Community of Christ: Identity, Message, and Mission

Community of Christ: Identity, Message, and Mission In the 1850’s and 1860’s, some dissenters from the Latter Day Saint movement banded together in the midwest to form the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. More than a hundred and fifty years of growth, change, and re-examination has occurred since then, leading to …

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Pillars of My Faith

Pillars of My Faith This is Sunstone’s perennially best-attended session. Hear speakers share the events and concepts that animate their religious lives; a little soul-baring, a little spiritual journey, a little intellectual testimony-bearing. This self-reflective night is about the things that matter most, plus spirited congregational hymn-singing. Dan Wotherspoon, Susan D. Skoor

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Women In The Ministry

Women In The Ministry Panelists in this session will share their reflections on the ministry of women, offering a variety of their own personal life-experiences with regard to their opportunity (sometimes lack thereof) to minister to human needs. Each panelist will speak about her own journey with this issue, reflecting on it as it has …

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