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Poem: Painting

By Anita Tanner   My daughter says the best gift for Christmas was painting four daughters’ nails— not figures frescoed on massive walls or pastoral scenes sketched on canvas but eighty ovals brushed brilliant, cotton balls scrunched between toes— and, oh, the talk while waiting. After mom’s funeral, nothing more we can do, our eyes …

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Poem: Birthday Party

By David Lawrence Tonight is five nights after my birthday and my son Is taking me out for dinner. We’re going all the way. Four star— “Adour.” He is bringing Jane, his Korean wife. I’m bringing my petal—Lauren Petal? Well, I picked her out of the crowd and planted her In the stem of my …

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Your Old Women Shall Dream Dreams

By Sara Burlingame INTRODUCTION Following is a version of a presentation I gave at the 2010 Salt Lake Sunstone Symposium. Before I started, I called two women—Kynthia and Beth—to the podium and handed each a goblet filled with small squares of chocolate. Then I enjoined them to pass this “sacrament.” As they made their way …

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