2012 SLC Sunstone Call for Papers Deadline Extended

If you’re thinking about submitting a proposal for the 2012 Salt Lake Sunstone Symposium, the deadline has been extended!

April 15, 2012 is the revised deadline for first round consideration. Proposals received after the deadline will be considered on a time/space available basis.

Proposals addressing this year’s theme, Mormons and Mormonism as a Political Force, are especially encouraged. See additional information about the theme below.

We also welcome proposals on other topics and their intersection with Mormonism, as well as historical and contemporary studies on various aspects of Mormon life, culture, and community.


  • Session title
  • A one hundred word abstract
  • Names, brief bios or vitas, and contact information for all proposed presenters
  • A list of and audio/visual equipment needed OR specify no AV needed
  • A brief summary of the topic’s relevance to Mormon Studies
  • If possible, please include a topic outline or draft

Send proposals to mary[dot]ellen[at]Sunstonemagazine[dot]com or SunstoneME[at]gmail[dot]com.


We especially encourage proposals that focus on this year’s theme, MORMONS AND MORMONISM AS A POLITICAL FORCE.

Think beyond senators, governors, and candidates for president. Ask: how do Mormons deliberately try to shape the social fabric that covers us all? How do they cooperate—among themselves and with others—to achieve their political goals? What is the political and social result (or fallout) when Mormons organize, canvass, and vote in order to make an entire state or country “choose the right” as they see it?

How do Mormons exemplify the feminist adage that “the personal is political”? In short, how do Mormons exercise, submit
to, challenge, and understand power? What ethical considerations go hand in hand with the use of power?

(And can you really be both Republican and a good Mormon?)