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The Sunstone Podcast

The Sunstone Podcast follows the Sunstone Tagline "More than One Way to Mormon." Rather than approach Mormonism to prove it true or false, The Sunstone podcast seeks to engage the topic as it is: complex, engaging, strange, and beautiful. Hosted by Stephen Carter and a range of guest hosts. Episodes released weekly.


The Sunstone History Podcast

A Mormon history podcast hosted by Lindsay Hansen Park and Bryan Buchanan There’s the Mormon history you do know … and the Mormon history you don’t. Join Lindsay Hansen Park (Year of Polygamy) and historian Bryan Buchanan as they dig into all aspects of Mormonism’s astonishing 200-year past—uncovering the little-known stories that chronicle how a six-person church grew into a multi-billion-dollar religion.

Deseret Drama

On Oct. 26, 1866 non-Mormon Dr. John k. Robinson was taken from his home and brutally murdered by a gang of Mormon men in the heart of Salt Lake City. In Season One of Deseret Dramas, criminal prosecutor and Mormon legal historian John Dinger, along with Sunstone's Lindsay Hansen Park discuss the brutal killing of Robinson and many others who lived outside the law in Mormonism. Join them for a limited-series podcast season where they discuss extralegal and vigilante justice throughout the history of early Mormonism. Season two out now!

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