What is Sunstone?

The Sunstone Education Foundation started in 1974 as a magazine that published on Mormon "experience, scholarship, issues, and art." Then, in 1978, it branched out into symposia and regional conferences.

Today, more than 40 years later, the Sunstone Salt Lake Symposium draws together more than 2,500 attendees to talk about Mormon history, theology, politics, culture, and more. The attendees hail from all over the Restoration spectrum.

Because the Symposium hosts such a diversity of thought and belief, it can be a challenge for attendees to interact constructively with people who have opposing views. But this challenge is also an opportunity to expand our minds and empathize with each other. As Joseph Smith put it, "by proving contraries, truth is made manifest." 

To participate in Sunstone you only need to have an interest in Mormonism and a willingness to engage respectfully, thoughtfully, and intelligently. 

Come, join us!

What to expect at the symposium:

Each summer, the Sunstone SLC Symposium hosts over 100 presentations on Mormonism, given by scholars, writers, podcasters, and activists from many points on the orthodoxy spectrum: mainstream Latter-day Saints, fundamentalists, polygamists, non-Mormons, ex-Mormons, and members of the many different sects of the Restoration movement. You can view our current program here.

The sheer number of Symposium sessions might seem overwhelming, but we're here to help. 

How to attend:

This information is provided for details on attending an in-person conference. For more information on our 2020 symposium, visit our symposium page here. There will not be a 2020 New Attendees Dinner.

  • Register online at sunstone.org, (You can register at the door, but it's a little more expensive). Make sure to add a ticket for the Saturday evening banquet. It will be recorded as "Awesomest Mormon Party Ever" in your Book of Remembrance. 
  • Watch your inbox for updates and info about the conference
  • Register for our New Attendees Dinner Orientation
  • Parking is free and all around the venue, so you shouldn't have any trouble finding a spot.
  • Walk to the South Towne Expo Center main doors! (Or sprint! The first 50 attendees each morning get a "door buster" prize!)
  • Pick up your name badge and program at the registration/check-in desk.
  • If you need children's workshops, they will be available onsite for $1 an hour.
  • Flip through the program and mark which of the 6–8 concurrent presentations you'd like to attend each session. If you plan to attend a popular presentation, make sure to get there early—seating is first come first served.
  • The Expo Center will have concessions open all day for your convenience.  Our food guide has more info!
  • Don't miss our evening plenary sessions. These are the highlights of the Symposium!
  • Bring a little extra cash. Benchmark Books will be hosting a book store onsite. And you're sure to see something amazing on Handcrafters Row where Mormon memorabilia and crafts will be for sale
  • Saturday evening, party with us at the banquet! (You bought your ticket, right?)

That's everything! Get ready to have a great time with your favorite Mormon scholars, historians, podcasters, bloggers, and friends!