The Sunstone Podcast follows the Sunstone tagline, “More than One Way to Mormon.” Rather than approach Mormonism to either prove it false or true, the podcast seeks to engage the topic as it is. Mormonism is rich in complex, engaging, strange and often beautiful ideas about what it means to be human. The podcast seeks to explore all of the ways people are engaging Mormonism today in their way. Additionally, the podcast seeks to focus on healthy ways to seek after all different paths of belief. Hosted by John Larsen.

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About Our Host

John Larsen was born and raised in the Salt Lake branch of the restoration movement and is proud of his Mormon heritage. John has been engaging the Mormon studies community for 16 years and was the host and director of the influential Mormon Expression podcast from 2009-2014 ( John’s approach has evolved from Mormon apologist and believer, to skeptic and critic. However, today, John is less interested in the battle lines of Mormonism and more interested in creating healthy communities post fundamentalism and in engaging Mormon culture, history, and doctrine directly. John currently lives in Salt Lake City with his wife and four children. John occasionally writes and does other strange things at