Sunstone offers a wide range of advertising rates to help you reach potential customers in the Mormon Studies world. Click here for a full description of ad sizes, dimensions, and prices. We also offer reduced advertising rates for our Salt Lake Symposium program. Sunstone reserves the right to refuse or edit ads based on content or quality.

Call 801-355-5926 or email for more information.

Send all correspondence or manuscripts to the address or email above.

Inside Cover Ads

Seen by the most people, these ads give the most bang for your buck and have a place of prominence in the magazine.

The best print ad value we offer! Use the full inside cover to share your organization with our readers.


Price: $1,000.00

Half of the inside cover, yours to promote with! Options for horizontal or vertical ads available.


Price: $600.00

High impact, low cost. A quarter of an inside cover of the magazine, reserved for your message.


Price: $400.00

Internal Ads

These ads are sandwiched between gorgeous art and moving articles and poetry. Share your message with our readers while they’re most engaged.

A full page ad inside the magazine.


Price: $800.00

Half of an internal page, with options for a horizontal or vertical ad.


Price: $500.00

A quarter of an inside page, all yours.


Price: $300.00

Submissions Policy

Sunstone is interested in feature- and column-length articles and essays relevant to Mormonism from a variety of perspectives.

  • Poetry submissions can be sent electronically or through the mail system. In either case, submissions should have one poem per page, with the poet’s name, mailing address, and email on each page.
  • Short stories are selected  only through the annual Sunstone Memorial Fiction Contest
  • Emailed submissions should be sent to with the subject line SUBMISSION
  • Submissions through the mail should be addressed to Sunstone Editor and mailed to 343 North 300 West Salt Lake City, UT 84103

Submissions may be sent by email attachment or on paper through the postal system. Submissions should not exceed 5,000 words and must be accompanied by a signed letter giving permission for the manuscript to be filed in the Sunstone Collection at the University of Utah Marriott Library (all literary rights are retained by authors).

Manuscripts will not be returned. Authors will be notified concerning acceptance within 90 days.

Send all correspondence or manuscripts to the address or email above.

If it has been a month since you submitted something to Sunstone and you have not heard back,  please email Stephen at



Publishing Information

If you are being or have been published in Sunstone, please be aware of the following:

Grant of Rights to the Magazine

The Author grants Sunstone [the Magazine] the following rights to the Work:

1. Exclusive right to first publication and distribution of this item in print, including its revisions, editing changes, proofreading corrections, etc., as may be mutually agreed upon by the author and the Magazine editors;

2. Non-exclusive permission to re publish the Work in print or in a commemorative collection or in a special commemorative issue of the Magazine.

3. Non-exclusive permission to republish the Work in digital form through use of electronic storage and search capabilities (such as the Internet, or a DVD or other electronic media), or on the Magazine’s website or the website of an archival service, alone or as part of a larger collection.

4. Non-exclusive permission to prepare and publish translations or abstracts of the Work. The non-exclusive permission granted by clauses (2) and (3) above applies to any such translation or abstract, is perpetual, and applies throughout the world.

5. Permission to authorize copies of the Work to be made for classroom and other use with appropriate citation of the facts of original publication.

Author Copyright

The Magazine recognizes that the Author retains all other rights to the Work not specified in this agreement. The Author agrees to include the facts of the Work’s original publication by the Magazine in any later republication of the work by the Author.

Previous Publication

The Author represents that he or she is the sole creator of the Work and has full power and authority to enter into this Agreement and make the grants laid out herein. The Author agrees to make known to the Magazine any previous publication of the item or of any part of it as a condition for negotiating for its acceptance. If this item or portion of it has been previously published by an entity that thereafter holds copyright, the Author will submit permission to reprint in writing and the credit line as specified by the copyright holder.

General Indemnity

The Author certifies that the Work does not constitute a libel, slander, or other defamation of a person or entity. The Author agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Editor, the Magazine and its officers, directors, and members against all claims, actions, damages, judgments or other losses arising from a breach of any of the Author’s representations or agreements herein. This paragraph shall survive termination of this Agreement.

Remuneration by Copies of the Magazine

If the Work specified by this agreement is an article, essay, story, photograph, work of art, or other document of substantial length, the Author shall receive five free copies of the issue of the magazine in which the item appears. Subject to availability, the Author may also purchase from the Magazine additional copies at the wholesale price. If the item is a media review, Cornucopia article, or Touchstone article, the Author shall receive three free copies of the issue of the magazine in which the item appears. Subject to availability, the Author may also purchase additional copies at the wholesale price. All other contributors, including those writing letters to the editor, will not receive free copies. The author understands that there is no other remuneration.


  1. Jack Frost says:

    I have 75 copies of Sunstone going back many years. If you know of anyone who would like these please let me know and I’ll contact them with years, titles, etc. Some are missing. I’m a long time subscriber, 86 years old but will continue for a while longer.

    Thanks, Jack Frost

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