Sunstone is a forum for examining and expressing the rich spiritual, intellectual, social, and artistic aspects of history and contemporary life across the Mormon movement. We maintain our publications and recordings on this website so that each new generation can explore and interrogate the past’s effect on Mormon communities and cultures. Please be aware that some presenters and historical figures included in this content may have troubling histories of prejudice, criminal activity, violence, and abuse—sexual or otherwise. To ensure the integrity of the historical record and to provide a way for our community to learn from the past, we will not remove problematic content or presenters from our archives.

Issue 176—November 2014

This issue features Tom Kimball who is in violation of our code of conduct. For more info on Tom Kimball and his history, click here for the January 14, 2023 statement.


The Carpenter's Union: Jesus in the Modern World, By Robert A. Rees

Questing and Questioning, By Philip L. Barlow

Women and the Priesthood, Reviewed by Heather Olson Beal

Fallen Bodies, Eternal Genders, By Ted Lee


Productivity and the Mormon Busyness Ethic, By Roger Terry 

The Restoration: A Message of Grand Rescue, By Blake H. Thomas & Peter G. Robertson


The Blood of Thy Son, Fiction by Larry Menlove

Purple, Reviewed by Stephen Carter 

The Epistles of Kishkumen and Gadianton, Humor by Marty Nabhan


A Frontier Life, Reviewed by Will Bagley

Mormon Life

Health to the Navel . . . Or Not, The Good Patient, By Dana Cattani

The Mormon Therapist: Navigating a Pornography Disclosure, By Natasha Helfer Parker

Braving the Borderlands: Experiences of a Borderland Bishop, By D. Jeff Burton

Leeds, Personal essay by Tom Kimball

Wisdom of the Elders: Is there Beauty in Your Bucket?, By Elouise Bell


Not as the World Giveth, By Javen Tanner

Elm Trees, By Lorraine Jeffery

To Tom, the Ox, By Glen Lassen


Issue 175—July 2014

A Personal History of Sunstone

Memories and Reflections, By Scott Kenney

My Sunstone Experience, By Allen D. Roberts

Stretching Toward the Light, By Peggy Fletcher Stack

Reflections on Peggy, By John Sillitoe

Four Amazing Years, By Susan Staker 

The Sunstone Review

Finding My Way with Type, by Connie Disney

We Were All Volunteers, By Dennis Clark 

Thinking Is a Social Act, By Elbert Eugene Peck

Finding Myself at Sunstone, By Dan Wotherspoon

Sunstone and Me, By J. Frederick (Toby) Pingree

Wizards and Wands: Coordinating the Sunstone Symposium, By John Hatch

The Eyes of Lorac, By Stephen Carter

Who Turned the Lights Out?: Behind the Scenes at the Symposium, By Mary Ellen Robertson

Growing with Sunstone, By Stephen Carter

The Accidental Reporter, by Hugo Olaiz

Just the Fiction, Ma'am

Gotta Jett!

Sun + Stone, By Robert A. Rees



Issue 174--March 2014


Faithful Disagreement: A Model for the Saints, By William D. Russell


Mormonism and an Aesthetic Sense of Life, By Robert C. Hunsaker

Mormonism and a Tragic Sense of Life, By U. Carlisle Hunsaker

Why I Stay, By Carol Lynn Pearson


Earth Stewardship: The Earth as Sacrament

Blood and Horror on this Earth, By Gina Colvin 

The Mahan Report, By Ron Madson and Joshua Madson

The Dawning of a Brighter Day?: An Analysis of, By Robert A. Rees


The Runners, Fiction by Steven L. Peck

Patience and Punishments, By Lia Hadley 

A Forgotten Hero, Book Review by Will Bagley

All She Wants Is Art: Doug Himes, By Andi Pitcher Davis

Mormon Life

Health in the Naval . . . Or Not: His Eye Is on the Sparrow, By Dana Haight Cattani

Braving the Borderlands: Are the Borders Shifting? By D. Jeff Burton

The Mormon Therapist on . . . : Approaching Sexual Decisions, By Natasha Helfer Parker

Wisdom of the Elders: Laughter: 'Tis a Puzzlement, By Elouise Bell


Obituary: Cherie Woodworth


Tuesdays, By Gaylord Brewer

A Hungry Kitten, Stray, By M. Shayne Bell

Seven Short Stories about Drones, By Teju Cole

On My Return to Utah, By Lorraine Jeffery


Issue 173--December 2013


An Agnostic View of Joseph Smith, By Ryan Stuart Bingham

The Appearance and Disappearance of Lourdes Amarille Estrada, By Roger Terry


Exploring Meditation and Awareness Practices, By John T. Kesler

The Mystical Body of God the Mother, By Edward Jones III

Arrayed in Silence, I Gave Him Nothing, By Jacob Baker

Beyond Hemlines: What  Pope Can Teach Us About Modesty, By Deborah Farmer Kris


A Dignified Transition: Emeritus Status for Apostles, By Dana Cattani


Tyler and the Giant Gumball Machine, By Edward Jones III

Davinho, Fiction by Ryan McIlvain

Mormon Life

Braving the Borderlands: Mysterious Ways, By D. Jeff Burton

The Family Forum: The Church as a Wounded Parent, By Michael Farnworth

Does It Matter What We Are Called?, By Elouise Bell


Heron on Ice, By Lin Lifshin

Cell Mates, By Paul Swenson

Bulletin from Vojvodina, By Slobodanka Strauss



Issue 172--August 2013




Texas Has Its Own View of Polygamists: The Texas FLDS Raids and Trials, By Ken Driggs

Hosannas at Glide Memorial Church, By Robert A. Rees

The Living and the Telling, By Lisa Torcasso Downing

The Curious Case of James Madison Monroe, By Edward Hogan

Adam and Steve and the Empty Sea, a play by Matthew Greene

Still and Small, By J Washburn

Tabernacle of Flesh, Fiction by Eric Freeze


Heron on Ice, By Lin Lifshin

Cell Mates, By Paul Swenson

Bulletin from Vojvodina, By Slobodanka Strauss

In the Wrong Hands, By Jordan Marshall-Pinegar

After 9/11, By Anita Tanner

Repeat, By Norman Nathan


Devotional: Eve's Faith Crisis, By Michael Vinson

Adventures of a Mormon Bookseller: A Fascinating Life, By Curt Bench

Of Good Report: Books of Remembrance, By Jamie Littlefield

A Place for Every Truth: Sacrificing the Lectures on Faith, By James P. Harris

Braving the Borderlands . . . : A Borderlander Comes Out: Part II, By D. Jeff Burton

The Family Forum:  Understanding the Shadow, By Michael Farnworth

Book Review: Revelation, Resistance & Mormon Polygamy by Merina Smith, Reviewed by George D. Smith

An Olive Leaf: A Joseph Smith Too Small, By Philip L. Barlow


Issue 171--June 2013



Arriving Where I Started: Disassembling and Reassembling a Testimony, By Boyd J. Petersen

“I Could Love them All”: Nauvoo Polygamy in the Marriage of Willard and Jennetta Richards, By Devery S. Anderson

The Widening Tent, By John Hatch

Expiation, new fiction by Richard Dutcher

The Persistent Impermanence of Memory, By Scot Denhalter



After the Visit, By Lin Lifshin

Are You Like George Price? Then, By Thomas Dorsett



Devotional: A Modern Conceit: The Separation of Religion and Politics, By Frances Lee Menlove

From the Editor: On Gratitude, By Stephen Carter

Adventures of a Mormon Bookseller: Title Fights!, By Curt Bench

Of Good Report: Random Acts of Reading, By Dallas Robbins

A Voice of Warning: Believing Is Seeing, By Brian H. Stuy

Every Good Gift: Looking On, By Thomas Kimball

Scripture Notes: Unearthing Abinadi’s Geneaology, By Roger Terry

All-seeing Eye: Mark's Mugs, By Steve Mayfield

Roundtable:  The 2013 LDS Scriptures, With Charles Harrell, Gina Colvin, and Dan Wotherspoon

Braving the Borderlands . . . : A Borderlander Comes Out: Part I, By D. Jeff Burton

The Family Forum:  The Nature of Intimacy, By Michael Farnworth

Update: Changes in women’s church roles, chastity lessons scrutinized

An Olive Leaf: “To Recognize the Genuine,” By Laurel Thatcher Ulrich



Issue 170--March 2013




Passive-aggression among the Latter-day Saints, By Michael J. Stevens

Sharing Vulnerability after a Change in Beliefs, By Adam Fisher and Mary Fisher

Living on the Edge, By M. E.

Summer Sales and the Protestant Ethic, By Jacob Bender

Suffrage: A Play, By Jenifer Nii

Singer and Saint: An Interview with Jeevan Sidhu, Fiction by James Goldberg



Call Me Judas, By Roger Cowin

Clothespins, By Jacqueline de Weever

ECG, By Charles Sabukewicz



Every Good Gift: Sacred Groves, By Jason Brown

Scripture Notes: Searching for Happiness and Never Finding It, By Michael Vinson

Roundtable: God Does Not Do "Small Talk," An Interview with Fiona Givens

Braving the Borderlands . . . : Borderlanders Share Their Coping Mechanisms, By D. Jeff Burton

The Family Forum: Changing the Family System, By Michael Farnworth

Update: "Wear Pants to Church Day" raises ire, awareness, missionaries are getting younger and younger; tweaks to new edition of LDS Scriptures


An Olive Leaf: Professional Monsters--but Never a Whole Human Being, By Allen E. Bergin

Issue 169--November 2012




Making Meaning as a Mormon Writer, By Jack Harrell

Fiction: The Opposite of Sound, By Courtney Miller Santo

Fiction: How They Get You, By Josh Allen

Fiction: Name, By Heidi Naylor

Religion is Art: Mormonism after Morals, By David V. Mason (Free)

Fiction: One Glass Ball, By Brett Wilcox

Ancient Fairy Tales: Written for Our Generation, By H. Parker Blount

Fiction: Willing to Work, By Larry Menlove



In the Day of the Great Slaughter, By Les Blake

Never Trust Anyone Who Doesn't Limp, By Anita Tanner

The Swing at Orient Point, By Greg Moglia

Before Language, By Richard Schiffman

P-Day at the Sugar Shack, By Dayna Patterson



Blogwatch: Of Caffeine and Covenants, By Alan Hurst

Scripture Notes: The Crisis of Faith in the Church, By Michael Vinson

Braving the Borderlands . . . : Miscellaneous News and Interesting Items, By D. Jeff Burton

The Family Forum: The Hidden Family System, By Michael Farnworth

Update: Mormonism stripped of cult status?; Romney, Church get one last media probe; temples explained; more . . .

An Olive Leaf: Gently Down from Pedestals, By Richard H. Cracroft


Issue 168--September 2012


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The Roots of My Faith, By Eric Samuelsen

Hindering the Saints: Taking Away the Key of Knowledge, By Philip G. McLemore

Lessons in Mormon Modernism: Or, How I Learned to Love the Provo and Ogden Temples, By Alan Barnett

Five Fish in a Barrel: Phineas and His Wives, By Deja Earley

In the Mountains, No One Can Hear You Swear, By Michael Stubbs

Jon McNaughton: Mormon Artist, Right-wing Propagandist, By Robert A. Rees

Theologizing in the Presence of Burning Children: From Theodicy to Lament, By Jacob Baker



The Legacy of Lazarus, By Jerome L. McElroy

Haiku, By E. Jones



Scripture Notes: Korihor and the Struggle with a Lost Testimony, By Michael Vinson

Adventures of a Mormon Bookseller: "Thy Virgin Paths," By Curt Bench

Mormon Musings: The BYU Meme-ery

A Place for Every Truth: Discerning a Spirit, By James P. Harris

Roundtable: Abuse and Forgiveness, with Tresa Edmunds, Natasha Helfer Parker, and Dan Wotherspoon

Braving the Borderlands . . . : Mormonism for Borderlanders: A User's Guide, By D. Jeff Burton

The Family Forum: A Feminine Approach to Moral Reasoning, By Michael Farnworth

Update: "The Swedish Rescue," Daniel Peterson and Maxwell Institute part ways, Mormonism receives unprecedented national attention

An Olive Leaf: In Defense of "Passionate Conflict" By Eugene England

Issue 167--June 2012


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Reverencing Creation, By Steven L. Peck

The Eleven Percent Solution, By Dana Haight Cattani

Remember the Revolution: A Mormon Manifesto, By James Goldberg

Practicing Stewardship in a Consumer Culture, By Rachel Mabey Whipple

The Last Palm Tree: Mormonism and Sustainability, By Mark Thomas

L'hakshot: Fiction, By PD Mallamo

Sacred Space, Strong Women, and Climbing Vines: Finding Religion in Brazil, By Kate Maryon Herrick

The Word of God: A Tale of Two Paradigms, By H. Parker Blount



Sestina, By Sarah Dunster

Shuddering, By Mark Penny

Since He Was Weaned, By James Goldberg

The Olive, By Harlow Soderborg Clark

Bush Men, By Bradley McIlwain

Thorns and Thistles and Briars, By Jonathon Penny



From the Editor: In Memoriam: Paul Swenson, By Stephen Carter

Scripture Notes: The Brazen Serpent and Psychological Epiphany, By Michael Vinson

Adventures of a Mormon Bookseller: Book Exchanges, By Curt Bench

Mormon Musings: To Invite God's Presence, By Tom Kimball

A Place for Every Truth: Of Doormen, Pencils, and a Prophet's Secret Talent, By James P. Harris

Roundtable: Confronting Racism in Mormonism, With Gina Colvin, Marguerite Driessen, Brad Kramer, and Dan Wotherspoon

Braving the Borderlands . . . : Identifying and Working with Adolescent Borderlanders, By D. Jeff Burton

The Family Forum: What Is Really Motivating Us?, By Michael Farnworth

An Olive Leaf: "With Reverence and Care!" By Hugh Nibley


Issue 166--March 2012


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Guest Editor's Foreword, By Holly Welker (free)

Choice and Accountability, By Dana Haight Cattani

An Almost Invisible Tragedy, By Jenni Brighton

Transitioning, By Tiffany Singer

Rediscovering the Legacy of Mormon Midwives, By Jenne Erigero Alderks

The Sisterhood: Fiction, By Emily Belanger

A Testimony Birthed of Pain and Hope, By Rachel Mabey Whipple

A Double Theft, By L. Hadley

Parenting After Abuse: From the Profane to the Sacred, By Tresa Edmunds (free)

The Gift Inside the Trauma, By Kendahl Millecam

Equally Shared Parenting: Half the Work . . . All the Fun, By Chelsea Shields Strayer and Mike Strayer

Being the Stepmom, By Karen Pellett

Toward a Feminist Mormon Midrash: Mormon Women and the Imaginative Reading of Scripture, By Robert A. Rees

The One Who Never Left Us, By Janice Allred

Heavenly Motherhood: Silences, Disturbances, and Consolations, By Margaret Toscano

Guest Editor's Afterword: In Our Prayers and In Our Lives, By Holly Welker


Innocence, By Richard Dinges, Jr

Invocation, By Edward R. Snow

Mitosis, By Noelle Carter

Remembrance, By Melanny Eva Henson

Harrow, By Anita Tanner

Standoff, By Judith Curtis

Issue 165--December 2011

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Letters to the Editor


Very Careless in His Utterances: Editing, Correcting, and Censoring Conference Addresses, By Joseph Geisner

Grove Street Extension, By David G. Pace

Homosexual Spirituality and the Redemption of Pleasure: An Epistle of Paul to the Romans, By Paul Toscano (FREE)

An LDS Rationale for a Human Immigration Policy, By Jen Smyers

The Literary Concerns of My Church: Copyright and Control in Mormonism, By Stephen McIntyre

Is the Rameumptom Just a Rameumptom?: A Freudian Approach to the Sugar Beet, By Mathew N. Schmalz


The Louisiana Heron: Poetry by Dennis Ross

Another Sky: Poetry by James Cushing

The Mandelbrot Set: Poetry by S. M. Noah

The Motions: Poetry by John Grey

Golden: Poetry by Paul Swenson

For Love of Words: Poetry by Anita Tanner


Putting His Money Where His Mouth Is, By Curt Bench

The Elder Daughter, By Kelly Quinn

Where is that Darn Lamanite DNA?, By Michael Vinson

A Vision Becomes Scripture, By James P. Harris


Devotional: Trusting Smallness in an Infinity-squared Universe, By Frances Lee Menlove

Roundtable: How Does the Atonement "Work"?, By Dan Wotherspoon, Jared Anderson, Tresa Edmunds, and Brian Johnston

Braving the Borderlands:Traits of the "Successful" Borderlander, By D. Jeff Burton

The Family Forum: An Introduction to Quantum Parenting, By Michael Farnworth



An Olive Leaf: "Truth Is Neither Black nor White," By Stephen L Richards

Issue 164--October 2011


Letters to the Editor


The Garment and the Veil

How Much does Jesus Care about Doctrinal Purity?

"Unscrupulous or Misguided Adventurers"

Understanding Talmage


My Favorite Martian


Birthday Party, Poetry by David Lawrence

Painting, Poetry by Anita Tanner

My Sister wants Me to Come and Read through Thirty Years of Diaries, Poetry by Lyn Lifshin


The Culture of Violence in Joseph Smith's Mormonism, By D. Michael Quinn

The Monitoring of BYU Faculty Tithing Payments: 1957–1963, By Gary James Bergera

Return of the Native, Fiction by Levi S. Peterson

Your Old Women Shall Dream Dreams, By Sara Burlingame


From the Editor: I Will Go; I Will Play

Roundtable: Pornography, Masturbation, Sex, and Marriage in Mormonism

Braving the Borderlands: Strange Tales from the Borderlands

The Family Forum: Discipline

In Memoriam: Marion D. Hanks and Chieko N. Okazaki


Issue 163--June 2011


Letters to the Editor


The Wedding Ring

In Defense of Polygamy--Well, Sort Of

Jesus and Nietzsche on "Becoming a Child"

The Core of the Matter

VERY Social Lives!

Calling an Apostle


Right Where We Stand

Special Status


Approaching the First Vision Saga, by Stephen C. Taysom

The Returning Missionary: Only a Dream? By Kenny Kemp

The Saga of Beef Gone Bad, By Lisa Torcasso Downing

A Season in the Wilderness, Fiction by Larry Menlove

Mormon Stay-at-home Dads Tell All

Raised by Ice Cream Truck Drivers, By Ken Gerber

Playdate with President Benson, By Stephen Carter

Gay-at-home Dad, By John Gustav-Wrathall

Fix It! By Luke Smithson

Staying at Home in a Daddly Fasion, By Michael Stubbs

A Stay-at-home Dad's Guide to French Sociology, By A. Joseph West


Braving the Borderlands: Bits and Pieces from the Inbox

The Family Forum: The Kid: An Awakening Metaphor

Singled Out: One Goal of Young Mormon Singles--Get Married!

Painting Up Controversy: The Work of Jon McNaughton


Issue 162--March 2011


Letters to the Editor


Jesus and Mormons and Zombies

Critical Condition

The Fruits of Boredom

Happy Birthday, KJV!

A Pre-World War II Prophecy

Nephi's Facebook

Touchstones: A Window Opens

A Mission--Really?!

Even If It Is Chilly

The Truth Inside

A View from the East


Borderlands: A Play, by Eric Samuelsen

The Pros and Cons of Writing Confessional Memoir in the Mormon Milieu, By Phyllis Barber

The Prophet Claude: Fiction by Jack Harrell

Sacred Sci-Fi: Orson Scott Card as Mormon Mythmaker, By Christopher C. Smith

"Success" and the Body of Christ, By Bob Mesle


March, By Mark Katrinak

In Memory, By Becky Kennedy


Braving the Borderlands: Protecting and Strengthening Your Marriage

The Family Forum: Passing On the Shame



Issue 161--December 2010


Letters to the Editor


A Heartbroken Halleluja

Let the Dead Bury Their Dead

The Bible, 140 Characters at a Time

Making a Mark on History


Tools, Not Idols

"Look" and Live!

Highway to Heaven

Deja Vu?

The Call of Abraham


Written by the Finger of God? Claims and Controversies of Book of Mormon Translation, By Don Bradley

Fully Invested: Taking Stock in Utah County's Dream Mine, By Kevin Cantera

Eugene England's Calculated Risk: The Struggle for Academic Freedom and Religious Dialogue, By Charlotte Hansen

Angina, Fiction by Helen Walker Jones

In Memoriam: Linda Sillitoe, By Levi S. Peterson, Paul Swenson, and Phyllis Barber


Fact of My Life, By Linda Sillitoe

In Riverdale, By Linda Sillitoe

an early elegy in lower-case, By Linda Sillitoe


Braving the Borderlands: Conducting a Self-assessment

The Family Forum: Sanctuary Trauma





Faith and the "As If" Factor: Review of Doug Thayer's "The Tree House," By Levi S. Peterson

OK, Mormon: Review of Doug Thayer's "The Tree House," By E. George Goold


Making Ourselves Visible: A Conversation with Author Johnny Townsend

Faith By Proxy: A Conversation with Author Brady Udall


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