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The Student Association of Sunstone


The Student Association of Sunstone is a group of students from various faith backgrounds dedicated to exploring Mormon faith, identity, and scholarship.

Our next event is scheduled for Thursday, September 16th at 5pm! Scroll down for more information.

For more information about the SAS, head over to our About page.

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our 2021 Summer Symposium through our student registration! If you missed it and would like to access recordings of the sessions, email us at or message us on social media.


Our Next Meeting

Our second Student Association meeting will be on Thursday, September 16th! It will take place at the UVU Classroom Building in the room 307A study room, with an option to participate via Zoom using this link.

This event is a roundtable discussion titled "The Challenges of a Mormon University." We will discuss a variety of topics including the Maxwell Institute, the Church Education System, Jeffrey R. Holland's recent address, debates over the direction of BYU, the tensions between faith and scholarship, and the parallels between today's challenges and those of past decades.

This meeting will be open to all students and individuals who have recently finished school.


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