2018 Sunstone Fiction Contest Winners

It seems like the Sunstone Fiction Contest grows more every year–producing more submissions and better quality! Thus, these writers deserve a special round of applause for winning the 2018 contest.

1st Place: “You Can Give Him a Kiss,” by Alison Brimley

From the judges: “Any time a second-person POV can pull me in like this, I’m impressed.” “It surprised me at times, but each twist felt organic to the story.”

2nd Place: “Adam and Lilith. And Eve,” by Ryan Shoemaker

From the judges: “The irreverent sense of humor sparkles throughout ‘Adam and Lilith,’ without over-playing its hand or over-staying its welcome.” “The mixing of Biblical and contemporary details makes this feel surprisingly fresh. ”

3rd place: “I Can See the Moon,” by Kevin K. Rex

From the judges: “It balances its nostalgia with a gently-biting wit, its ruminations with good humor.” “… the voice is engaging and unique …”

Honorable Mention: “Back to the Meadow,” by William Morris

From the judges, “This story is strong out the gate, with a well-drawn premise [and] propulsive narrative …” “… this one had me curious and on the edge of my seat.”

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