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2020 was an unprecedented year. It broke down our perceptions and practice of faith, community, and worship.

2021 is the year to take our first steps into an unknown future—pioneering new paths forward. A perfect challenge for Mormons.

What new cultural, theological, and social structures can we build to address this new world? What aspects of Mormonism can point us in new directions? What aspects can we finally lay to rest?

We sit like an audience before a curtain about to rise. But it is we who are producing the show. What will the curtain reveal?


This year's conference will be an unprecedented hybrid of digital and in-person. Join us in Salt Lake July 28th-31 at the Mountain America Expo Center for an in-person conference with live sessions, tours, organized meetups and more! Can't be there in person? We're offering all the great features of last year's digital conference, with more content and activities for virtual attendees than ever before. However you're able to join us, show us how you Mormon this July 28th - 31st!


Set up a free video hangout with any attendee, any time, and enjoy face-to-face connection in a digital world, or attend one of our in-person covid-safe activities in Salt Lake!

Chat Boards

A platform for any subject you can imagine, built right in. Share pictures, links, and connection from wherever you're attending right from your phone or computer.

Live Sessions

Exclusive live sessions, viewed in person from Salt Lake, or remotely from your phone, laptop, or tablet on the Whova App.



2020 was an unprecedented year, so we're bringing you an unprecedented Sunstone Symposium.

On July 28th - July 31st, 2021, join us for 4 days of community building, contests, music, and more! Join us in person at the Mountain America Expo Center in Sandy, UT or through your phone or tablet wherever you are!

Everything you loved about 2020's digital conference, fine tuned, scaled up, and live in person to celebrate a year of unprecedented events with this year's theme of Unprecedented Mormonism.


Open Donation


Please make check donations payable to Sunstone and mail to 343 North 300 West Salt Lake City, UT 84103

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