9/11, Mormons, and the Winds of War: Recent Dialogue Authors Publishing Twenty-First Century Peace

The events of 9/11 divide us as utterly from the previous century as the atom bomb demarcated its two halves. Panel participants, all authors of recent or forthcoming essays in Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought, draw from and supplement these essays with fresh insights on Latter-day Saint responsibility in this new era. After all, the essence of Christianity is a love-based message advocating peace, yet should we today purchase our peace with military might? Panelists include an anti-nuclear demonstrator who discusses the role of a strong military in preserving peace; a sixties-molded scholar who applies lessons from medieval history in support of the war; a recent British immigrant whose anti-war sentiments echo those of many European saints; a survivor of radiation-induced thyroid cancer who examines the morality of resuming nuclear testing; and a historian who outlines the ambivalence of LDS history and teachings on war and suggests how our theology, culture, and institutions might serve as resources for future peacebuilders.

Karen Marguerite Moloney, Barney Hadden, Deborah (Debi) J. Sheridan, Mary Dickson, Patrick Mason