A Note to Sunstone Supporters

Carol is visiting family in California, so I’ve been solo in the Sunstone office this week. In addition to my regular duties, I’ve been answering phone calls and opening the daily mail—the thankless background tasks necessary for smooth operations.

Since I don’t normally handle the mail, it’s been kind of fun to slit open the envelopes and see what’s inside.

It’s been gratifying to see a steady stream of subscription renewals to Sunstone Magazine. Renewing your subscription is tangible feedback letting us know you like what we’re doing and want Sunstone to keep coming. It’s reciprocal, really. You renew Sunstone and Sunstone renews you.

On our end, each renewal is like getting vote of confidence and a thank you for the insights, understanding, richness, and diversity in Mormonism that Sunstone has been celebrating and publishing since its first issue back in 1975.

It was also a joy to see some donations on renewal forms as well. We are truly grateful for your extra contributions. Even just a few dollars added on to your renewal supports our work and shows us you value Sunstone’s thoughtful, honest explorations of Mormon experience, scholarship, issues, and art.

I’ve enjoyed opening envelopes this week and seeing the names of so many dedicated supporters and friends. I’ve also enjoyed seeing your handwriting on subscription forms. In the buzz and whir of the electronic age, handwriting makes me feel connected to the person holding the pen. To know that you took the time to sit down and write us an extra note or greeting gives a tedious task of opening mail a spark of enjoyment.

It also reminds me that people are the beating heart of Sunstone. It is a privilege and honor to be part of an organization that is not only a significant presence in Mormon Studies but also one that plays a crucial part in the spiritual lives and journeys of so many people. Thank you for being part of the vibrant community that is Sunstone.