A Reading by BCC Press’s Newest Authors

This session wil feature three of BCC Press’s newest authors reading from their work. Twila Newey will read from her novel, Sylvia, which explores faith and family when four sisters come together as adults when their mother, and the matriarch of their extended Mormon family, dies suddenly in an automobile accident. Melody Newey Johnson will read from her book An Imperfect Roundness, a collection of poetry that explores the lived experience of womanhood, motherhood, aging, loss, and healing through spiritual inquiry grounded in faith and in the natural world. And Dr. Fatimah Salleh will read from The Book of Mormon for the Least of These—her bestselling book, co-authored with Margaret Olsen Hemming. It explores the social justice undercurrents in the Book of Mormon and casts it, in a verse-by-verse close reading, as a book that speaks directly to issues of racism, sexism, immigration, refugees, and socioeconomic inequality. Michael Austin, publication director at BCC Press, will give a brief introduction to the philosophy and mission of the press.