A Transfeminist Critique of Mormon Theologies of Gender

In this paper, I present a transfeminist-standpoint epistemological critique of Mormonism’s theology of gender. Transfeminism attempts to address issues that arise from the intersection of sexism and cissexism. This standpoint critique involves two steps: (i) a critique of the dominant theological paradigm showing how it excludes the trans community and arises from the arbitrary biases of those in positions of power in the church, and (ii) a presentation of an alternative theological paradigm that starts from the position of trans women.
In order to illustrate how a transfeminist interpretation of Mormon theology can emerge from within the tradition, I will consider the documentary film directed by Torbern Bernhard entitled “Transmormon” that documents the coming out story of trans woman Eri Hayward, who also happens to be a Mormon from Utah.

Kelli D. Potter