America’s Giving Challenge and Sunstone – Please Spread the Word!

Please consider making a big difference for Sunstone by donating $25 online to the Sunstone Cause on October 25 after 1:00 p.m. MST at

The Case Foundation Daily Giving Challenge awards $1000 to the nonprofit organization that receives the greatest number of unique donations on a single day (not the most money raised). With your help, we estimate that if 300 of Sunstone’s subscribers make an online donation that afternoon, we will have a very good chance of winning $1000.

Your donation will also make us eligible to compete for additional cash prizes of up to $50,000 for our ability to “build collective action” and rally people to our Sunstone cause using social media tools through November 6.

If you send an email now to, we will send you an automatic donation reminder on 25 October after 1 p.m. MST

Also, consider becoming a Fan of Sunstone Then we can keep you posted about online resources and upcoming face-to-face events we’re planning across the country at a location near you!

Thank you for considering supporting the Sunstone Cause on Oct 25!