Binding Up the Wounds: Healing Efforts Following California’s Vote on Proposition 8

Many of us are all too familiar with the damage and human cost from Proposition 8. In the years since, what efforts have been made by LDS church members, leaders, and by people of other faiths to help heal from this divisive chapter that pitted politics and religion against each other? What can straight/Mormon/religious allies do to facilitate the healing process and support lGBTQ family members, congregation members, and friends who are struggling? what will assure the lGBTQ members of our religious communities that our healing overtures are genuine? what can Mormons learn from people of other faiths who support marriage equality? And how can we approach this polarizing topic with the empathy, compassion, and love that all God’s children deserve? Our panelists bring many perspectives to this discussion. We welcome their thoughts about ways to center our efforts on healing, reconciliation, understanding, dialogue, and demonstrating love and respect to our lGBTQ brothers and sisters.

Laura Compton, Connell O’Donovan, Warren (Trey) Lathe, Elisa Della-Piana, Brad Carmack, Mitch Mayne