BYU in Playboy

BYU’s Wilkinson Center bowling alley comes in dead last according to the October Playboy’s ranking of “sex on campus” among 20 American universities. BYU’s sexual temperature was a frigid 4 degrees while the “frontier free-for-all” University of Texas (Austin) boiled at a libidinous 212. In fourteen categories the “haloed pioneer’s” alma mater was described as a sexless university that releases its steam through “religious ecstasy,” where theology is the academic best bet and where even indulging in caffeine is prohibited. Understandably, the pleasure-seeking magazine listed BYU’s “hottest hangout” as “any plane leaving Provo.”

However, this time BYU administrators were delighted with being last place. “It pretty well pinpoints where we are,” said Public Communications Director Paul Richards. “We feel it would be where we would come in if they had surveyed several hundred colleges around the country. If we had ranked 20th in the country out of all the universities, we would be worried,” he told the Deseret News.

From the September 1982 edition of the Sunstone Review.