Can We Talk About It Now: Sacred Symbols or Ritual Dissonance.

The recent changes in the temple ceremonies included language that many had asked and hoped for. They also included changes that are upsetting.
Nearly everyday since January 1st, someone has called me trying to process the trauma that has surfaced for them. They are wondering about the different language for the covenants they made. They wonder why they are still feeling diminished even though the language is now more equitable. Some are wondering why there is such a firm instruction to not talk about this, at a time when they want to talk about the temple experience more than ever.
I came from a background where much of the the temple experience was discussed in most settings at home and church, honoring the few parts that are only for a temple setting. I think we can honor each other, and honor the ritual, in learning to do so again.
I will speak of possible ways to own your symbolic journey while acknowledging the dissonance that comes from attaching a literal truth to a figurative ritual.
I will show images of sites from Egypt that reinforced the universal power of ritual for me.
And this will be a place we can talk about it.

Jody England Hansen, Stephanie Griswold