Category: Issue 187

Arnold Lobel and Me

By Martha Taysom Martha Taysom is a retired scholar of American intellectual history and the mother of five children, of whom Matt is the fourth.     When Matt was young, we often read Arnold Lobel’s Frog and Toad stories together. His head would rest against my arm as he followed these simple but wise …

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Low and the Hermeneutics of Silence

By Jacob Bender Jacob Bender recently completed a Ph.D. in English at the University of Iowa. He has previously published in Dialogue, Sunstone, Peculiar Pages, West Trade Review, and WLN, and has articles forthcoming in American Indian Quarterly and Journal of the Midwest Modern Language Association.     The veteran indie-trio Low, when they are …

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Jesus Christ (Almost) Visits the Mormons

By Ryan Shoemaker Ryan Shoemaker’s story collection Beyond the Lights is forthcoming from No Record Press. T.C. Boyle called it a collection that “moves effortlessly from brilliant comedic pieces to stories of deep emotional resonance.” Ryan’s work has appeared in Gulf Stream, Santa Monica Review, Booth, Juked, and Silk Road. Find him at   …

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