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Am I a Sheep or a Goat?

Like 750,000 other California Mormons, I sat amongst my fellow ward members in our local chapel today as our bishop read the Preserving Traditional Marriage and Strengthening Families memo over the pulpit. He followed that by reading a memo outlining the church's views on political neutrality. He closed by asking each of us to ponder …

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Political Ashes and an Eroding Culture

I've been watching the reactions among the LDS blogging community, and I'm encouraged a little by the results of the Super Tuesday primaries. I certainly don't wish Mitt Romney any ill will, nor have I really hoped he would lose. But the momentum took a turn for the worse, and he suspended his campaign today. …

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The Fourth Path: Gay, Mormon, Celibate

A fascinating discussion is taking place over at Mormon Mentality with regard to recent changes made to the BYU honor code on the subject of homosexuality. Most interesting to me is the news that a group of gay BYU students took an active part in initiating and approving the changes to the honor code. One …

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