Category: Issue 162–March 2011

The Fruits of Boredom

Matt Page is no slacker. He’s motivated. Instead of being just a “Good Samaritan,” he is striving to become a “Great Samaritan.” Whereas “most people know all the words to a few select hymns, [he knows] the first line of many different hymns.” He confesses that he is “white but not delightsome.” He will testify …

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Poem: March

By Mark Katrinak Winter will finally drift, die. Snow still upon the trees, the basement windows blurred by masks of white. Wind howls inside the mind. Without a key it crept inside and stayed. But you and I—we are not done. There’s still some meat left, tender on our bone, and we’ve not finished eating …

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A Mission—Really?!

This article features Tom Kimball who is in violation of our code of conduct. For more info on Tom Kimball and his history, click here for the January 14, 2023 statement. As the chaos of the remodel drew to a close and the last of the carpet was laid, our two oldest children settled into …

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