Sunday, December 15th, 6:00 PM

This year, join us for a Sudanese dinner cooked by Chef Kaltum, a refugee woman in our community with a new catering business. Proceeds from ticket sales go directly to Chef Kaltum. Space at this event is limited, so register today to save your spot!

See our newly updated offices and gather around the fire for a Sudanese dinner, Christmas music, treats, and quality time with your Sunstone family.

Chef Kaltum moved to Utah from Sudan in 2013. She learned to love cooking as a child by helping her mother in the kitchen. Her full name, Um-Kaltum, means “Mother of Kaltum” which is part of what lead to her business name “Mother of All.” Kaltum wants to share her culinary traditions with all of Utah and is excited to expand her business!

The cuisine, with her unique spices and beautiful presentation, is reminiscent of Sudan. Kaltum’s Sudanese specialties include gima (a crispy potato dish of peas, beef, and Sudanese spices), sambusa (a triangular pastry filled with vegetables and spices), falafel (a deep-fried doughnut made of chickpea flour), and basbusa (a sweet, syrupy semolina cake). Her typical menu consists of sambusa, falafel, rice, chicken and vegetables.


All proceeds from registration go directly to Chef Katlum to help get her catering business off the ground. 

Sunday, December 15th

6:00 pm

This dinner is sold out! Please consider a donation to chef Kaltum below.
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