Finding Mother God

Saturday, November 13th

Saturday, November 13th at 7:00pm mountain

Join us for an evening with Carol Lynn Pearson and her poetry. Carol Lynn and a other panelists will read excerpts from her new book Finding Mother God: Poems to Heal the World. We'll gather for an evening of celebrating a woman who is so deeply beloved. This event will be streamed live via Zoom. You must register through Zoom to be able to watch. See the full schedule below.


Introduction and Welcome: Lindsay Hansen Park

Reading: Jacob Newman

Reading: Jody England Hansen

Reading: Carol Lynn Pearson

Book Signing: Carol Lynn Pearson

This free virtual event will stream live over Zoom. Click the link below to register.


carol Lynn Pearson's Work

Finding Mother God

Poems to Heal the World

Call Her Goddess―call her God the Mother―call her the Feminine Principle―Her children need Her, and our world deeply suffers the pains of Her absence. Through the warmth and the wit of poetry, this book is an invitation for all―women, men, of any religion or of no religion―to welcome Her home and set a permanent place for Her at the family table. Carol Lynn Pearson’s poetry are accessible, thoughtful, and thought-provoking―the perfect balance of wisdom, humility, and humor.


The Ghost of Eternal Polygamy

Haunting the Hearts and Heaven of Mormon Women and Men

“Polygamy?” says the mainstream Mormon Church. “We gave that up long ago.” Not so, claims noted LDS poet and author Carol Lynn Pearson, who examines the issue as it has never been examined before. Any member of the LDS Church today who enters the practice of polygamy is immediately excommunicated. However, Pearson claims, polygamy itself has never been excommunicated, but has an honored and protected place at the table. It has only been postponed, a fact confirmed by thousands of “eternal sealings” giving a man an assurance that he will claim as wives in heaven the two, three, or even more women he has sequentially married during his lifetime. No such opportunity is available to women. Pearson shows the power of the Ghost of Eternal Polygamy as it not only waits on the other side to greet the most righteous in heaven, but also haunts the living.


Goodbye, I Love You

The true story of a wife, her homosexual husband, and a love that transcended tragedy. Gerald Pearson had been honest with Carol Lynn about his homosexual past, but both of them had faith that marriage and devotion to their religion would change his orientation. Love would conquer all. Then, after eight years of apparent happiness and the birth of four children, Gerald was no longer able to deny what he considered to be his essential self. Carol Lynn was shattered, her self-esteem all but destroyed. Their divorce, however, could not erase a lifetime of love and mutual support. Carol Lynn courageously stood by her former husband's side. Even when he contracted AIDS - and came home to die.

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