Confessions of a Mormon Historian Coming Soon!!!

Signature Books has sent out the Advanced Reading copies of “Confessions of a Mormon Historian: The Diaries of Leonard Arrington 1971-1997”.  This means that in less than a month you will be able to buy copies!!!

So here is my Quickie Review (a more detailed one to come later):

IF you are even the LEAST bit interested in Mormon Studies or Mormon History, you WILL want to buy this.  This is the “MUST HAVE” Mormon book of 2018.

SO, here is what you need to do: 1) DO Pass “Go”. 2) DO Collect $200.00 (your going to need 150.00 of them, that sounds like a lot, but it is a set of 3 books). 3) Take those dollars and go to any place where fine Mormon books are sold and buy a copy.

May I suggest:

In the Salt Lake Area:

Benchmark Books

Eborn Books

In the Provo area

Writ and Vision

Pioneer Books

Spanish Fork/Southern Utah County:

Confetti Books 

Sanpete County and Central Utah area:

Thunderbird Books (They’re on Facebook)

Most of these fine booksellers ship. I have bought books from all of them.  Benchmark and Confetti have sent me many fine books.  No comment on how much money I have spent on books over the years!

But I digress. These diaries are a treasure. They are a thing to behold.  You will want to read them. DO yourself a favor and start saving to buy them now!