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Issue 171–August 2013



Texas Has Its Own View of Polygamists: The Texas FLDS Raids and Trials, By Ken Driggs

Hosannas at Glide Memorial Church, By Robert A. Rees

The Living and the Telling, By Lisa Torcasso Downing

The Curious Case of James Madison Monroe, By Edward Hogan

Adam and Steve and the Empty Sea, a play by Matthew Greene

Still and Small, By J Washburn

Tabernacle of Flesh, Fiction by Eric Freeze


Heron on Ice, By Lin Lifshin

Cell Mates, By Paul Swenson

Bulletin from Vojvodina, By Slobodanka Strauss

In the Wrong Hands, By Jordan Marshall-Pinegar

After 9/11, By Anita Tanner

Repeat, By Norman Nathan


Devotional: Eve’s Faith Crisis, By Michael Vinson

Adventures of a Mormon Bookseller: A Fascinating Life, By Curt Bench

Of Good Report: Books of Remembrance, By Jamie Littlefield

A Place for Every Truth: Sacrificing the Lectures on Faith, By James P. Harris

Braving the Borderlands . . . : A Borderlander Comes Out: Part II, By D. Jeff Burton

The Family Forum:  Understanding the Shadow, By Michael Farnworth

Book Review: Revelation, Resistance & Mormon Polygamy by Merina Smith, Reviewed by George D. Smith

An Olive Leaf: A Joseph Smith Too Small, By Philip L. Barlow


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