Development of Dissent in the Quorum of Apostles in Kirtland

This presentation will examine the success of the early Mormon missionary efforts from Kirtland and the dedicated efforts which qualified twelve men to be called to serve as the first twelve apostles in the Mormon Church. The conflicting jurisdiction of the apostles and the high council will be examined along with early attacks on the apostles by hierarchical authorities. The failure of the Kirtland Safety Society Anti-Banking Society and the concern over Joseph Smith’s ecclesiastical leadership set the stage for serious dissent among the Quorum of Apostles at Kirtland. Apostles Luke Johnson and John F. Boynton were excommunicated at Kirtland in late 1837. The following year, Apostles Lyman E. Johnson, William E. McLellin and Thomas B. Marsh were excommunicated at Far West, Missouri.

William Shepard