Event: DC Symposium 2009

DC09009: Why I Stay

This perennially well-received Sunstone session features the stories of those who have chosen to remain active, dedicated Latter-day Saints even in the face of many difficult challenges to traditional faith. How have these members wrestled with their faith and yet emerged more determined than ever to be a part of the Latter-day Saint community? JALYNN …

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DC09010: The Mormon Place in the American Religious Landscape

In 2008, the Pew Forum released the US Religious Landscape survey, the largest study of American religious life ever conducted, including a statistically significant sample of Latter-day Saints. What does it tell us about Mormons and other religious groups in America? This presentation will focus on three areas, with a particular focus on the Mormons: …

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DC09012: Obedience Culture Churches and Their Impact: From Guantanamo to California’s Proposition 8

Obedience Culture values conformity over competence, unflinching faith over critical thinking, and institutional loyalty over human dignity. I examine the ascendancy of Obedience Culture among LDS and other US religious communities and explore its recent extension into public policy. I argue that Obedience Culture influences have deteriorated America’s moral leadership and that the particularly organized …

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