Event: Kirtland Symposium 2013

Willard Richards and Nauvoo Polygamy, 1841-42

Shortly after Willard Richards arrived in Nauvoo for the first time in August 1841, he became Joseph Smith’s closest confidant, assuming a role once enjoyed by John C. Bennett. Bennett’s departure from Nauvoo and Mormonism was not a quiet one, and as he toured the country exposing and sensationalizing Mormon secrets (most notably, polygamy) Richards …

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Panel: Mormons and Easter

Mormons are painfully inconsistent about celebrating Easter. Many Mormons grow up in wards that don’t do much to celebrate Easter. Given Mormon insularity, they often aren’t aware of how other churches celebrate Easter and Holy Week. LDS General Conference trumps Easter when it falls on the first Sunday in April. This panel will explore the …

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