Event: Northwest Symposium 2011

The Life and Work of Chieko Okazaki

Many LDS women mourned the August 2011 passing of former General Relief Society presidency member, Chieko Okazaki. Chieko’s visual aids, lively writing, authoritative speaking style, and fearless approach to tackling difficult issues such as abuse made her a well-known and much-beloved leader during her tenure from 1990 to 1997. Join us as we celebrate her …

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Living Our Religion – Feminist Theology in Practice

While explorations in feminist theology are a growing area of interest in Mormon studies, some women wonder how best to incorporate feminist theology and theory into daily practice. Panelists will discuss and share some ways LDS women are applying feminist theology in their spiritual lives, in their families, in their wards and stakes, and in …

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Psychobiography of Joseph Smith: Two Secular Views United

More than a decade ago, each of us independently published a psychobiographical study of Joseph Smith, using contemporary models of behavioral science to provide alternative explanations to the mystical narrative that is the foundation of Mormonism. In this session, we update our findings and further clarify our understandings of Smith’s psychological profile as expressed in …

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