Event: Salt Lake Symposium 2010

SL10175: Eternal Perdition? Bureaucratic Limbo? The Theological Ramifications of Excommunication

The Church Handbook of Instructions explains in detail the mechanics of excommunication but says little about its theological import. Our panelists, several of whom have been excommunicated, will explore the theological and spiritual ramifications of this ultimate Church sanction. Why does excommunication not require a ritual? If blessings are “restored” to an excommunicated person who …

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SL10353: Faith in the Midst of the Difficulties of Life

We extol childlike faith, but for most people, faith continually seeks deeper understanding, wisdom, and application. Mature faith comes through both loss and gain, often at a high cost that can either build or destroy. From desert places of doubt to mountaintop experiences with the Divine, this testimony of maturing faith and deepening relationship with …

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SL10376: Faith and Narrative

Recent decades have witnessed a rising interest in what has been dubbed “narrative theology.” The Christian message, many theologians have pointed out, is not an argument but a story, and stories instead of propositional truth claims rest at the heart of the tradition. An engagement with these narratives has the potential to transform not only …

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