Event: Southwest Symposium 2009

SW09002: Devotional:

Join us as we start the symposium on a thoughtful, spiritual note with a personal essay by the late William B. Quist. excerpted from a devotional presented on 10 August 2001 at the Salt Lake Sunstone Symposium. Carol Quist

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SW09020: Two Early Mormon Revelations Attributed to Joseph Smith and their Impact

This presentation focuses on two millenarian revelations attributed to Mormon Church founder, Joseph smith, specifically, his 1832 “Revelation and Prophecy on War” and the so-called “White Horse Prophecy.” Both revelations were highly publicized and familiar to both Latter-day Saints and non-Mormons alike. In addition to comparing and contrasting these two prophecies, I will also discuss …

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SW0915: Marriage, Mormons, and Civil Liberties

Nineteenth Century Mormons were denied their civil and religious rights in part because of their marriage practices. The will of the majority led to Mormons being driven from their homes and massacred and their leaders assassinated. Modern-day Mormons are cognizant that our ancestors were wronged, but may be less aware of the striking parallels with …

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