Four Paws Full

by R. A. Christmas



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Dog had his paws full.

He’d run Bad Pup off

because Bad wanted

his job (and glory) but

Bad took a third of

of a litter with him.


There was hell to pay,

with Bad (The Usurper)

messing with a new

kennel, claiming that

this was how things

had always been done.


Well, not exactly. In the

past (there’d been eons

of it) Dog had handled

the staging of kennels

himself, and overall,

things worked well.


He’d had problems

with the casts at times,

but nothing this serious.

This was flat out rebellion,

new kennels were at risk,

more pups led astray.


Dog’s Continuation

Obedience School was

stemming the damage,

but he was criticized

for not killing Bad Pup

and just moving on.


On the bright side

(which there was always)

Dog now had a permanent

rival he could schlep from

kennel to kennel forever—

to do the sketchy stuff.


He could chain Bad up

for 1,000 years (toward

the ends) get some R & R,

then turn the pooch loose

for some futile mayhem

at the Grand Finales.