For 45 years, Sunstone has held space for those struggling across the Mormon spectrum. We've offered the comfort of home, the challenge of new ideas, and the peace of friendship to all those who seek it out. Donate to Sunstone to help us keep the lights on for you, and for our friends and family who rely on the community we've built to guide them through faith transitions,

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"Sunstone has brought comfort and understanding to so many Mormons from all corners of the faith. In particular, as a woman of color, I've appreciated their intersectional approach and welcoming so many divergent backgrounds into one harmonious space."

- Malia Burgess Halstvedt

"Guess what? Mormonism is wild. You may have noticed this. It might have even thrown you for a loop. If you want to connect with others on this wacky path, Sunstone is an excellent place to find more wacky tribe members."

- Bryan Buchanan

"All my life, at church I’ve felt like the weirdo in the room, and I always just accepted the loneliness of being different as a sad fact of my life. At Sunstone, I found the other weirdos I never knew were out there, and this community continues to be a source of comfort and support."

- Kalani Tonga

"Sunstone is one of the few places I can still be Mormon. It’s a special place where diverse Mormons can come as they are and worship how they may."

- Blaire Ostler