Gotta Jett!

Jett-puzzleSunstone has been an incubator for a number of great artists including Brad Teare, Kent Christensen, Christopher Thornock, Calvin Grondahl, Galen Dara, and Pat Bagley. And it was Pat who sent us the artist that has probably affected the look of the magazine most during the past decade: Eisner award-nominated Jett Atwood.

As legend has it, in 2004 Pat suggested to Jett at an art seminar that she bring her Mormon-themed cartoons to Sunstone. She walked into the office with some samples and walked out with a check (probably the fastest Sunstone has ever paid her). Since then, her work has appeared in the magazine’s pages more than 220 times.

Her cartoons are instantly recognizable by their ebullient spirit, expressive characters, and strong lines. If you’ve giggled at a Sunstone cartoon in the last decade, there’s a 90 percent chance that Jett was its artist. But she also plays in other styles, sometimes mixing photographs and watercolors, sometimes delving into the Cartoon Modern style, sometimes borrowing from 1950’s high school yearbook designs. No matter which angle she taking, it’s always like Christmas when her work comes in.