Hidden Envy And Competition Among LDS Women

Hidden Envy And Competition Among LDS Women Julie Mounteer Hawker’s Sunstone article “Toward a More Authentic Sisterhood: Unmasking Hidden Envy and Competition among LDS Women” brings into the open some of the tensions and paradoxes in women’s relationships, in general and how they play out in the LDS Church. Why is it that women who are so supportive of each other during times of trial sometimes fail to rally and celebrate another woman’s success in the same way? What are the dynamics at play in women’s friendships and interactions that leave them prone to unhealthy competitive feelings and the poisons of envy? Panelists in this session will share their experiences with these issues as well as ideas for truly building “a more authentic sisterhood.”

Mary Ellen Robertson, Julie Mounteer Hawker, Anne Arnold, Becky Linford, and Sonja Farnsworth