How I Became an LGBTQ Ally While Serving as a YSA Bishop and How We Can Better Support our LGBTQ members

Ostler will recount his journey to becoming a LGBTQ ally while serving as a YSA bishop. Between hearing the stories of his LGBTQ ward members and the Church’s recent policy statements, Ostler rebuilt his LGBT beliefs/attitudes/conclusions from scratch. He now sees his LGBT friends as some of his Heavenly Parent’s finest sons and daughters, equal members of society, and worthy. After his release as a YSA Bishop (serving the normal three years, released in the fall of 2016), he continues to minister to the LDS LGBTQ community, using his baptism and temple covenants as ‘fuel’ for this calling. He will present ways that Latter-day Saints can be more supportive of their LGBTQ brothers and sisters.

Richard Ostler