This session will begin with Margaret Toscano’s slide lecture of images of goddesses and women represented in pre-historic statues, contemporary paintings, and sculptures. Taken primarily from Western art, they show how our reality is shaped by the images we make and how our limited discourse about the Female God has also limited our access to her. It will explore the importance of the body as a symbol of the divine connecting humans with God. Holly Welker will discuss her collaboration with artist Galen Dara on the cover of the recent SUNSTONE Motherhood Issue, which depicts Heavenly Mother animating Eve with a touch of her divine finger, as well as illustrations inside the magazine of four possible manifestations of the Mother God. A purpose in this presentation is to help women see themselves and their bodies as a reflection of God the Mother; another is to expand our vision of what she is like, so that we see her not only as mother, but as daughter, lover, friend, priestess, queen, and more.

Margaret Toscano, Holly Welker