In Memoriam: Leslie Norris Among The Mormons

In Memoriam: Leslie Norris Among The Mormons Leslie Norris was a poet of international repute, originally from Wales, whose unexpected death on 6 April 2006 (an auspicious date for Mormonism) has saddened his broad circle of friends. He was poet in residence for several years in BYU’s English Department. Though he never joined the LDS Church, he got along famously with and mentored many of his Mormon colleagues, students, and neighbors. Hear what his friends have to say about this anomalous figure whose influence in the world of Mormon literature will be felt for generations. This session is part of a larger project to commemorate Leslie Norris through short personal essays, to be published on the Mormon arts blogspot “A Motley Vision” and in the Mormon literary journal Irreantum.

Laraine Wilkins, Guy Lebeda, Jerry Johnston and Lance Larsen