Issue 163

Cover.qxdIssue 163 is available in full color on the App Store now. The print issue will be in the mail this week.

Included in this issue:

Fab cover artwork by Galen Smith!

Stephen C. Taysom on differing versions of the First Vision (with more fab artwork!).

Mormon stay-at-home dads tell all (with birds).

Kenny Kemp returns to his old mission field to find that much has changed–including himself.

Noah Van Sciver explores the origins of the Book of Mormon through comics.

Fiction from Larry Menlove.

Personal essay from Lisa Torcasso Downing.

Our usual buffet of short pieces in Cornucopia and Touchstones.

Alma spends a season in wilderness in Jeanette Atwood’s compelling Book of Mormon comics.

And much more…

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