JESUS WANTS ME FOR A SUNBEAM, To Shine a Light on A Needed Sunday School Class

Imagine asking your bishop to form a Sunday School class for inactive members. If he says the Church provides a Gospel Essentials class, tell him the people you have in mind are returned missionaries, and former members of Relief Society and priesthood quorum presidencies who would not be well-suited for an investigator’s forum: a re-investigator’s class, yes, but not the type given those who are meeting the Church for the first time. The Catholic Church in my area recently ran newspaper ads inviting inactive Catholics to the priest’s home and stating, “any questions are welcome.” I have since collected much information about “Re-membering Catholics” courses and talked to several local LDS leaders about hosting something similar for inactive Mormons. So far, they have not been enthusiastic. I will present some of the Catholic materials and responses I’ve received. How could these ideas be tweaked to fit this important need within Mormonism?

Lynn Christensen, Mel Tungate