JOURNEYS OF FAITH Petersen- It was during my college experience at BYU in the 1980s that I developed my love for studying religion as well as my respect for Mormonism’s theological depth. Now I teach religious studies’ students at Utah Valley State College, and I find that many of these students who share the passion I had for religious studies are the very ones who are leaving the Church. In this session, I will share some of their feelings (gathered through personal interviews) and contrast them with my own personal faith journey. Kimball- Boyd Petersen and I became friends sixteen years ago when we both lived near Washington D.C. I was experiencing a crisis of faith, and Boyd served as a much-needed sounding board. Through the ensuing years, Boyd’s presence in my life provided a bandage for my wounded and bleeding faith, allowing me to feel connected to the Church even while doubting. Still, not until I was introduced to James Fowler’s Stages of Faith some seven years later did I feel permission to fully expose my wounds, to truly face the loss of my faith altogether, so they could actually heal. Fowler’s work and my mentoring friend gave me the tools I needed to find a meaningful place within my tradition.

This audio features a presenter who is in violation of our code of conduct. For more info on Tom Kimball and his history, click here for the January 14, 2023 statement.


Boyd Jay Petersen and Tom Kimball