Sunstone Kirtland

7th-8th March 2020

Returning to Our Roots

$65 Conference Registration including catered lunch   
Price: $65.00
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Saturday, March 7

9:00 AM Breakfast with the Community of Christ Congregation
10:00 AM Opening Remarks: Lindsay Hansen Park
10:30 – 11:30 AM Non Violence in Church History presented by Seth Bryant
11:45 AM More Than One Way to Mormon Project Presented by Tim Coray and Ann Hatch
12:45 PM Catered Lunch
2:00 – 2:45 PM Hidden Histories in Kirtland presented by Bryan Buchanan and Lindsay Hansen Park
2:45 PM Move to Theater
3:00 PM Orson Pratt skit presented by David Patrick
4:00 PM Tour of Kirtland Temple by Tom Kimball and Seth Bryant
5:30 PM

Join Sunstone and Kirtland Attendees for dinner at Pickle Bills!

101 River St, Grand River, OH 44045

Sunday, March 8

10:00 AM Service in the Kirtland temple


This conference is being held at The Kirtland Visitor’s Center in Kirtland Ohio.

7800 Kirtland Chardon Rd, Kirtland, OH 44094


$65 Conference Registration including catered Italian lunch  
Price: $65.00
  Make a donation to Sunstone! We need it!  

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About Our Speakers

This conference featured a presenter who is in violation of our code of conduct. For more info on Tom Kimball and his history, click here for the January 14, 2023 statement.

Ann Hatch grew up attending the mainstream LDS Church. In 2003, Ann left the LDS Church with her husband and mother to join Christ’s Church. Her current callings are a Temple Matron, Relief Society and Genealogy teacher. Her hobbies include genealogy, teaching, and spending time with family. Ann has a BA from Boise State University in Computer Information Technology. If she wasn’t busy enough, she is doing research for a book that she is writing on the history of Christ’s Church. Ann and her husband, Dan, live in Nevada with part of their growing family.

Bryan Buchanan works at Benchmark Books, an independent bookstore in Salt Lake City specializing in Mormon history. He is interested in various Mormon history rabbit holes, particularly fundamentalist Mormon history and the 1890–1930 transition period.

David Patrick was brought up by his mother and step father straddling mainstream LDS and fundamentalist LDS doctrines, which gave him a unique experience with and passion for the origins of Mormon doctrine. After serving an LDS mission to the Japanese he found his way into Christ’s Church. He has served multiple callings in the Temple, Seventy, and missionary program. But his favorite is Sunday school teacher.

Lindsay Hansen Park is host of the Year of Polygamy podcast and executive director of the Sunstone Education Foundation.

Seth Bryant is the Director of Kirtland Temple and Seventy in Community of Christ.

Tim Coray joins Sunstone with a particular interest in the LGBTQ+ Mormon experience. He graduated from Southern Utah University with a degree in English and earned a teaching certificate from University of Alaska Fairbanks. Tim now works as a freelance videographer.

Tom Kimball is a full-time student at Lakeland Community College in Kirtland.