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January-February 1979
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Issue 13: January-February 1979

Topics included in this issue: Polygamy, Poetry, Personal Journey, Other Religions, Religious Studies, Mormon Culture, Theology, Mormon History, Review, Science and Religion, Scripture studies, Women, Temples, Utah, Violence, War and peace, Missionary Work, Personal Essay, Sociology, Brigham Young, Philosophy, Media, Architecture, Belief, Book of Mormon, BYU, Communal Efforts, Contemporary Mormonism, Faith, Family, Feminism, Marriage, Fiction, Humor, Joseph Smith, Education, Letters, Biography .

September-October 1978
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Issue 12: September-October 1978

Topics included in this issue: Religious Studies, Mormon History, New Testament, Personal Essay, Play, Spirituality, Poetry, Politics, Priesthood, Review, Science and Religion, Temples, Fiction, Mormon Culture, Polygamy, Biography, Humor, Missionary Work, Community, Belief, Brigham Young, BYU, Christian principles, Literature, Folklore, Testimony, Jesus Christ, Letters, Faith, Economics, Media .

July-August 1978
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Issue 11: July-August 1978

Topics included in this issue: Architecture, Marriage, Contemporary Mormonism, Mormon Culture, Film, Feminism, Family, Ethnic Studies, Humanitarian Issues, Critical Scholarship, Letters, Community, Communal Efforts, Christian principles, Biography, Art, Administrative History, Economics, Priesthood, Violence, Spirituality, Sociology, Review, Revelation, Psychology, Women, Pornography, Play, Philosophy, Personal Journey, Mormon History, Media, Religious Studies .

May-June 1978
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Issue 10: May-June 1978

Topics included in this issue: Violence, Letters, Media, Mormon Culture, Mormon History, Mormon Studies, New Testament, Old Testament, Spirituality, Joseph Smith, War and peace, Other Religions, Religious Studies, Community, Interreligious dialogue, Review, Art, Christianity, Contemporary Mormonism, Critical Scholarship, Family, Doctrine and Covenants, Early Christianity, Economics, Faith and Scholarship, Demographics, Humor .

March-April 1978
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Issue 9: March-April 1978

Topics included in this issue: Mormon Culture, Mormon History, Mormon Studies, Music, Other Religions, Utah, Poetry, Sociology, Theology, Media, Play, Review, Christian principles, Letters, Revelation, Autobiography, Community, Contemporary Mormonism, Cultural Studies, Doctrine, Ethnic Studies, Fiction, Homosexuality, Humor, Jesus Christ, Art .

January-February 1978
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Issue 8: January-February 1978

Topics included in this issue: Sunstone, Media, Mormon Culture, Personal Essay, Play, Poetry, Politics, Polygamy, Pornography, Women, Sociology, Mormon History, Utah, Letters, Review, Contemporary Mormonism, Philosophy, Journals, Biography, Counseling and Mental Health, Cultural Studies, Editorial, Ethnic Studies, Feminism, Film, Joseph Smith, Humanitarian Issues, Art, Interview, Family, Autobiography .

November-December 1977
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Issue 7: November-December 1977

Topics included in this issue: Sociology, Letters, Marriage, Media, Mormon History, New Testament, Old Testament, Personal Essay, Poetry, Review, Jesus Christ, Joseph Smith, Politics, Community, Art, Biography, Christianity, Humanitarian Issues, Contemporary Mormonism, Crime, Architecture, Education, Family, Fiction, Legal History, Film, Critical Scholarship, Book of Mormon .

Summer 1977
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Issue 6: Summer 1977

Topics included in this issue: Theology, Music, Personal Essay, Personal Journey, Play, Poetry, Polygamy, Review, Sociology, Literature, Mormon History, Sexuality, Counseling and Mental Health, Mormon Culture, Art, Biography, Contemporary Mormonism, Family, Fiction, Genealogy, Humor, Jesus Christ, Marriage, Christianity .

Spring 1977
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Issue 5: Spring 1977

Topics included in this issue: Music, Family, Play, Missionary Work, Media, Marriage, Literature, Letters, LDS Doctrine, Mormon Culture, Fiction, Mormon History, Equality, Education, Economics, Cultural Studies, Crime, Atonement, Art, Architecture, Index, Theology, Violence, Sociology, Science and Religion, Review, Polygamy, Poetry, Personal Essay, Women .

Fall 1976
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Issue 4: Fall 1976

Topics included in this issue: Review, Literature, Marriage, Media, Mormon Culture, Mormon History, Parenting, Letters, Poetry, Personal Essay, Scripture studies, Sexuality, Sociology, Testimony, War and peace, Women, Personal Journey, Biography, Art, Play, Belief, Jesus Christ, Book of Mormon, Brigham Young, BYU, Church Organization, Critical Scholarship, Education, Equality, Family, Feminism, Fiction, Film, Death, Interview .

Summer 1976
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Issue 3: Summer 1976

Topics included in this issue: Letters, Personal Essay, Music, Mountain Meadows Massacre, Mormon Studies, Mormon History, Mormon Culture, Joseph Smith, Media, Personal Journey, Journals, Youth, Men, Play, Poetry, Review, Sacrament, Sexism, Humor, Standards, Spirituality, Theology, Truth, Women, Word of Wisdom, Women's Studies, Art, Hierarchy, Architecture, Autobiography, Belief, Biography, Brigham Young, BYU, Christian principles, Church Activity, Community, Contemporary Mormonism, Counseling and Mental Health, Critical Scholarship, Faith and Scholarship, Sunstone, Health, Cultural Studies, Fiction, General Authorities, Ethics, Equality, Education, Editorial, Economics, Drugs, Doctrine, Disability, Folklore .

Spring 1976
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Issue 2: Spring 1976

Topics included in this issue: Resurrection, Poetry, Play, Personal Journey, Personal Essay, Native American, Revelation, Missionary Work, Women, Mormon Culture, Review, Science and Religion, Sexuality, Short Story, Sociology, United Order/consecration, Women's Studies, Youth, Marriage, Christian principles, Testimony, Autobiography, Critical Scholarship, Atonement, Biography, Art, Counseling and Mental Health, Architecture, Cultural Studies, Education, Feminism, Jesus Christ, Genealogy, Godhood, Health, History, Humanitarian Issues, Humor, International Church, Literature, Letters, Fiction .

Winter 1975
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Issue 1: Winter 1975

Topics included in this issue: Mormon Culture, Theology, Sunstone, Spirituality, Science and Religion, Review, Revelation, Play, Personal Journey, Missionary Work, Letters, LDS Doctrine, Humor, Faith and Scholarship, Art, Philosophy, Architecture, Faith, Belief, Christian principles, Communal Efforts, Contemporary Mormonism, Critical Scholarship, Doctrine, Doctrine and Covenants, Early Christianity, Education, Academic Freedom .

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Issue 0:

Topics included in this issue: Sorry, the topic list is not yet available for this issue .

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Sunstone is a forum for examining and expressing the rich spiritual, intellectual, social, and artistic aspects of history and contemporary life across the Mormon movement. We maintain our publications and recordings on this website so that each new generation can explore and interrogate the past’s effect on Mormon communities and cultures. Please be aware that some presenters and historical figures included in this content may have troubling histories of prejudice, criminal activity, violence, and abuse—sexual or otherwise. To ensure the integrity of the historical record and to provide a way for our community to learn from the past, we will not remove problematic content or presenters from our archives.

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  1. Michael B. Hoggan says:

    I am needing to contact Paul Nibley who wrote an article in Sunstone, volume 16, issue 5, pages 14-17, July 1993. I am seeking permission from Sunstone and Paul to use a quote from his article for which I believe you hold the copyright, in an upcoming book to be published by Routledge in 2021.
    The details of the book are as follows:
    Title: The Art and Craft of Motion Picture Editing
    Author/Editor: Michael Hoggan
    Edition number: 2nd
    Format(s): Print and digital
    Rights required: Nonexclusive worldwide rights in all languages
    Estimated print run: Under 1000
    Estimated price (hardback/paperback): £120 / £30
    Planned publication date: May 15, 2021

    I understand that you control the rights to this material and would be very grateful if you could grant permission for its use as soon as possible, stating any credit lines or fees that you require. If you do not control these rights, please let me know to whom I should apply.

    I am seeking non-exclusive world English language rights for all formats and will reproduce the material as part of the complete text in print and electronic formats for distribution throughout the world.


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