Material Improvement: Explicit Statements On The Matter Of Heavenly Mother

The Spring 2011 issue of BYU Studies includes a “survey of historical teachings about Mother in Heaven” by David L. Paulsen and Martin Pulido entitled “‘A Mother There’: A Survey of Historical Teachings about Mother in Heaven.” The article documents statements about Heavenly Mother by Mormon leaders and demonstrates that, contrary to popular belief, Mormon doctrine does not include a prohibition on discussing her—just praying to her. What does this article, paid for and published by BYU, mean for our understanding of Heavenly Mother? What does it mean for the feminist scholars who have studied and written about her in the past? What does it mean for feminists who want to discuss her now? Can Heavenly Mother take a material role in Mormonism’s unique theology?

Holly Welker, Janice Allred, Joanna Brooks, Margaret Toscano