Mormon Cultural Studies At UVSC: Beginning Forays

In Spring 2002, Dennis Potter and Phillip Gordon taught the first Mormon Cultural Studies class at Utah Valley State College in Orem, Utah. Cultural Studies (CS) is the field that explains how various aspects of culture (such as music, media, and literature, etc.) are used to uphold or undermine relationships of power in society. When applied to Mormonism, CS can deal with the cultural aspects of anti-Mormonism as well as internal aspects of Mormon culture. In this panel, Potter and Gordon will discuss what they have learned about teaching such a course at a state school. Several students from the class will also summarize their experience in the class and its impact on their own thinking.

Unsure if there is audio for this session. R. Dennis Potter, Phillip Gordon, Ryan Robinson, Errin Julkunen, Kathryn Tew