Mormonism and the Tradition of Change

First Paper: Change and Evolution in Mormonism
Presenter: H. Michael Marquardt
This paper explains a variety of changes that occurred in the Mormon tradition, including some of the early revelations, summarizing some of the more interesting changes. Understanding the changing historical record opens a door to new modes of interpretations.
Second Paper: Anti-Mormon Influence on the ‘Rod of Nature’ Revelation
Presenter: Clair Barrus
The first anti-Mormon book emphasized Joseph Smith’s treasure seeking activities in New York, causing Smith to modify a revelation by removing references to a divining rod. This presentation summarizes how this book influenced the ‘rod of nature’ revelation (D&C 8) and details the origins of the Cowdery family’s use of a divining rod to receive revelations.

H. Michael Marquardt, Clair Barrus