Mormons and the Enneagram

The Enneagram is a spiritual tool that teaches us to know ourselves better, helping us to pinpoint our deepest longings—and our potentially destructive behaviors. The Enneagram’s nine basic “types,” or numbers, all have positive and negative aspects, and all exhibit different ways of relating with others and with God. In this session, “the Janas” will explain the basics of what the Enneagram is (no experience is necessary), focusing particularly on the ways Mormons and post-Mormons might use it as a tool for deepening spirituality and also navigating the institutional LDS Church. How might a 2 or a 3 have a natural advantage in Mormon culture, while a 4 or an 8 might have a harder time gaining acceptance? What resources might various types draw on to direct their spiritual journeys?

Jana Riess, Jana Spangler